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Hello, I am Isis Escobar Salcedo, I am a watercolor artist and illustrator, I make art inspired in the study of my dreams, my inner world and daily life. I created My Beloved Atelier to share my work, to have a presence in the digital world and let others know I can also create for them.

Hope you like what you find, Welcome and thank you for being here!! šŸ˜€

Hola, mi nombre es Isis Escobar Salcedo, y soy acuarelista e ilustradora, hago arte inspirada en el estudio de mis sueƱos, mi mundo interior y mi vida diaria. Eh creado My Beloved Atelier para compartir mi trabajo, para tener una presencia en el mundo digital, y para hacerles saber a otros que tambiƩn puedo crear para ellos.

Espero te guste lo que ecuentres, Bienenido y gracias por estar aqui!

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No. 6 Love Is Shining – El Amor Esta Brillando

Fear has the tendency of clouding or view. The fear of losing our love ones, fear of not having enough money, fear of getting sick and so much more. The more we focus on our lives with fear, the more we suffer. Love on the other hand allows us to see things more clearly and […]

My Art Starts In My Mind – Mi Arte Comienza En Mi Mente

Today I was finally able to finish drawing, painting, scanning, editing, these babies. Pondering on the whole process, I am trying to capture in my mind the steps it took me to being able to finish them. It hasnt been easy but with practice you could say that I already have some sort of order […]

My First Portrait Order – Mi Primer Retrato Por Orden

Last week I told all of you, about a class I had just took, to learn to paint artistic portraits, not only that, but I also share in social media the self portriat, result of the class mention. In consequence to this an aunt of my husband contact me and asked me to make one […]


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