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  • No. 6 Love Is Shining – El Amor Esta Brillando
    Fear has the tendency of clouding or view. The fear of losing our love ones, fear of not having enough money, fear of getting sick and so much more. The more we focus on our lives with fear, the more we suffer. Love on the other hand allows us to see things more clearly and […]
  • My Art Starts In My Mind – Mi Arte Comienza En Mi Mente
    Today I was finally able to finish drawing, painting, scanning, editing, these babies. Pondering on the whole process, I am trying to capture in my mind the steps it took me to being able to finish them. It hasnt been easy but with practice you could say that I already have some sort of order […]
  • My First Portrait Order – Mi Primer Retrato Por Orden
    Last week I told all of you, about a class I had just took, to learn to paint artistic portraits, not only that, but I also share in social media the self portriat, result of the class mention. In consequence to this an aunt of my husband contact me and asked me to make one […]
  • No. 5 Time Wouldnt Change Things, So I Did
    El Tiempo No Cambiaba Las Cosas, Así Que Lo Hice Yo. Just A Pensamiento Waiting for technology, science or believes to change or lives one day, is to believe in time and its false illusion. Taking the hands of the clock in our hands, facing what we are and what we want to be, is […]
  • Artistic Self Portrait Watercolor Study
    Autorretrato Artístico y Estudio de acuarela In the last couple of weeks I been following a group on facebook name EDITARTZ, this group is publishing montly editorial and childrens book illustrations prompts, to help the members build their art portfolio. This month they publish a prompt on self portraits, the thing is I been wanting […]
  • No. 4 As I Faced What I Thought I Was, I Discovered What I Really Am.
    Just A Pensamiento Seeing ourselves in the mirror as we are, withought labels, without the levels that society gives us, is not easy. Flying with the wings of our reality requires courage. Fly! Vernos al espejo tal cual somos, sin etiquetas, sin los niveles que la sociedad nos da, no es facil. Volar con las […]
  • No. 3 Knowing That Nothing Is Known, Is Knowing Everything
    Just A Pensamiento. Until we are able to see our confusion, until we get tired of the pain it causes us. Until then the right questions will come and with them the answers. Asquing is easy, the dificult part is knowing what to ask. Ask! Hasta que logremos ver nuestra confusión, hasta que no nos […]
  • No.2 Joy Is Being Able To Transmit What I Was Able To See When I Found Myself
    Just A Pensamiento English – Español It is hard to find the right tools of expression, it is hard to find the ears who will hear , but the real hard part comes in finding ourselfs. How else will we know what we want to say, how else will we know what they need to hear. […]
  • No.1 I Am Not Afraid Of Death, But I Am Of Your Pain
    Just A Pensamiento English – Español These are hard times we are living, me personally I cant complain. I do not have the right answers, quite the oposite, I have too many questions, but still my life has what it needs. It is not the same for all of us, and worldwide many of us […]
  • Will You Be My Valentine? Greeting Card – Tarjeta
    For English Please Read Bold Italics Las personas que me conocen de cerca, saben muy bien lo cursi que soy, una romantica sin remedio. Esto se ve reflejado en las cosas que diseño, dibujo y pinto. The people who know me from close, know very well how corny I am, I am a romantic withouth […]
  • Hola – Hello!